5 movies that portrays history of americas  labor day

5 movies that portrays history of americas  labor day

 1.North Country (2005)

This movie  is based on a groundbreaking lawsuit brought by women miners at Minnesota's Eveleth Mines in 1975 that helped make sexual harassment a violation of workers' rights.

 2.Salt of the Earth (1954)

this film outbrings the issues faced by  mine workers . this films writer,director,producer had been blacklisted for their leftist sympathy and movie was not produced by any hollywood studio it was produced by mine union and labors

 3.The Devil and Miss Jones(1941)

 a department store owner to know about the labor lives he grows sympethetic to his workers and eventually fall in love with one of his employee and when the strike is about to rise he understands the demand over pay and hours he resolves the problem and he marries the employee

 4.10,000 Black Men Named George"(2002)

 this movie shows the struggle of porter workers exploited by the company and their uprise to get sign a contract for union.


 Northern Lights" is based on an early-20th-century farmer-led political uprising in the Midwest.